Contemporary European Politics 2022.  PO05-0E1-G
Teacher: David Rees
Head of Programme: Albrecht Sonntag  Secretary:  Julien Lecomte Office J1943 Syllabus
Evaluation: Mid-term test 20%. Group presentation: 20%. Exam 60%
Group 1 Work groups. Group 2 Work groups

Programme 2022


Presentations and films
Lesson 1.
Group 1. Tuesday 20 September
Room 808
Group 2. Wednesday 21 September
Room 808
Epistemology, Empires and the EU
1. Epistemology
3. EU Members
6. Supranational European bodies (picture)
7. Supranational European bodies (key)
8. (Quiz in teams) EU Member countries

2. A history of empires (from 3000BC)
4. How to Join the EU (EU in Turkey. 2m)
5. European Enlargement (film from the IIEA)
9. Using the Reesonomics website, contact and communication
Lesson 2.
Group 1. Friday 23 September
Room 511
Group 2. Wednesday 28 September
Room 808

Enlargement 1.
European levels of integration
Case studies: Turkey and Cyprus
Open Question. Group 1. Is Immigration Dangerous or Beneficial to European Society?
Open Question. Group 2.

The future size of the EU / EEA European Countries
The Copenhagen criteria
Candidate and Potential Candidate Countries
EU Neighbourhood countries
EU European Neighbourhood states

A brief history of EU enlargement (film from The Economist)

Turkey - a lost opportunity (pdf DR)
Turkey and EU immigration
Introduction to the Armenian genocide (14m. Facing history and ourselves)
French genocide - book
French genocide - film (English subtitles available) 19m

Ottoman Empire 1
Ottman Empire 2
Ottoman Empire 3
Lesson 3.
Group 1. Tuesday 27 September
Room 808
Group 2. Tuesday 4 October
Room 511

Solving Europe

Open question. group 2. Can there be a common European Identity, and how does this identity change with new countries being accepted into the EU?

Preparation of presentations 'Solving Europe'
Global Risks
UN Global Issues
WEF Global Risks Report
EU - 10 issues to watch in 2021

Can Ukraine join the EU?
For info: Ukraine conflict (pdf DR)
Lesson 4.
Group 1. Thursday 6 October
Room 511
Group 2. Friday 7 October
Room 511

'Solving Europe' presentations
Group presentations: 'Solving Europe' . Class Group 1

Group 1. Crime and Corruption in the EU

Group 3. EU Food Security

Group presentations: 'Solving Europe'. Class Group 2

Group 1. Sovereignty in the EU (version 2)
Group 2. Critical Raw Materials
Group 3. Nuclear Weapons

Lesson 5.
Group 1. Tuesday 18 October
Room 808
Group 2. Tuesday 11 October
Room  808

'Solving Europe' presentations

Group 2. Climate Change
Group 4. Human Rights
Group 5. EU Defence
Group 6. Energy Security
Group 7. The use of Private Data

Revision for the Mid-Term Test
(Thursday 27 October 11h30-12h30)

Group 4. The Euro

Group 5. GHGs and Global Warming (Canva)

Lesson 6.
Group 1. Tuesday 25 October
Room 511
Group 2. Tuesday 18 October
Room 808

Common Agriculture Policy

Presentation marking system

Open Question. Group 3.
Some regions of Europe claim their independence (Catalonia, Brittany, Corsica...). Do you think they should be part of the European Union if they make it?

CAP pdf. (EU Commission)
Farm Subsidies (

Agricultural import duties
US food subsidies

Group 6. The Threat of Viruses
Group 7. EU Immigration
Open Question Group 3. Is the income linked to agriculture in the EU still well distributed?
1. Introduction to CAP (video)
2. CAP (pdf DR)
3. Farm Subsidies film (
4. MacDonalds and food industrialisation
5. Feedlots
6. EU-MERCOSUR agreement signed
7. EU-MERCOSUR trade agreement (Fern 25)
8. EU-Mercosur trade agreement and EU agriculture
9. MERCOSUR trade agreement and European Beef
10. The Meatrix (video)
11. Questions (in your presentation groups)
12. Acronyms
 Lesson 7.
Group 1. Thursday 10 November
Room 808
Group 2. Wednesday 19 October
Room 808

The Troika and Debt Control
Open Question. Group 4.  Energy Sovereignty

Switzerland's Brexit moment
Switzerland bilateral agreement

Greek Ten-year bonds
Greek unemployment
The Privatisation of Greece
European privatisation of water

Presentation marking system

Open Question. Group 4

Greece, the Troika, debt control and the change from a solidarity to predatory model.

Greek debt crisis

Lesson 8.
Group 1. Tuesday15 November
Room 511
Group 2. Tuesday 25 October
Room 511

Lobbying in the EU 

Lobbying Transparency Register (European Commission)
Fleishman Hillard
Hill and Knowlton

Direct and indirect lobbying: Danone

Biggest lobbyists in Brussels
Philip Morris in Brussels

Student case studies
Coca Cola

Presentation marking system
Finish Greek Debt Crisis

Billy wants a dog (flv) (US)
Lobbyists (flv) (US)
What does a lobbyist do? (flv) (Germany)
Lobbying presentation (pdf)

Regional fund recipients

CAP recipients

Lesson 9
Group 1. Tuesday 22 November
Room 808
Group 2. Tuesday 8 November
Room 808

EU External Trade Agreements / Negotiations
Open Question. Group 5

Open Question. Group 5. What place for the European Union in the competition of the great powers? Can the EU become the first power, and would that be a good thing?


EU Trade Policy
1. Read EU Trade Policy pdf
2. Watch the video EU Trade Policy video (European Commission)
3. Open EU Trade negotiations (DG Trade). Scroll down and find 'Trade Negotiations & Agreements'.  Choose one trade deal and take notes (in preparation for your exam).
4. Watch Global Trade Agreements (TedTalks) (11m)

Many Trade Agreements include an ISDS. This is strongly criticised by many NGOs.
1. Watch What is ISDS?
2. Watch ISDS in Australia / US Trade Agreement
3. Here are some ISDS Case Studies .
Choose one case study (or find another one) and do some research. Again, take notes of your case study in preparation for your exam.

Lesson 10
Group 1. Tuesday 29 November
Room 511
Group 2. Tuesday 15 November
Room 808

WTO and Trade Wars
Open Question. Group 6. Should there be an EU-wide compulsory vaccination regulation to keep pandemics at bay in the future?

The WTO (2m. CGTN) 
Map of WTO disputes (Research)
Trade Disputes (WTO. Find disputes) Research - Dispute by subject.
WTO dispute settlement paralysis (3m. CIGI. 2020)
Banana Trade Wars (4m. EPP. 2011)
Airbus / Boeing trade war. Retaliation. (1m. Reuters. 2019)
Airbus / Boeing trade war truce (2m. DW News)

Further research.
Airbus / Boeing Duopoly and competition. 15m Mentour Pilot.
(See Links / Airbus for more information)
Open Question. Group 6. The EU Energy Crisis

EU - MERCOSUR Trade Agreement

1. Watch EU Mercosur trade agreement agreed by the EU Commission
2. Watch EU Mercosur trade agreement and agriculture (EuroNews)

The Keynes solution to International Trade (pdf. DR)
Discussion. Free Trade / Fair Trade / Protectionism?
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Lesson 11
Group 1. Thursday 1 December
Room 808
Group 2. Tuesday 22 November
Room 808

EU budget
Open Question Group 7. “Should the EU ban the advertisement of sporting bets?”

Tobin Tax and FTT (4m)

European Financial Transfer Tax (FTT) (DukasCopy 2.5m)
Public social spending comparison pdf
World tax comparison
Tax revenues OECD
Open Question Group 7 European budget
Fiscal policy pdf DR

Group Fiscal Policy Research and Proposals
Income tax
Corporation tax
Fuel duty
Alcohol duty
Tobacco duty
Inheritance and Wealth tax
Tax avoidance and tax evasion

Lesson 12.
Group 1. Tuesday 6 December
Room 808
Group 2. Tuesday 29 November
Room C034

Growth and Wealth

Intra-group research

Gini Index
Poverty levels in the world Index Mundi
HDI statistics (United Nations Development Programme)

Growth (with Green GDP and HDI)
200 years of history - wealth and health (BBC)

Wealth distribution exercise (Slide 2 only)

US Wealth Distribution. Politizane. 7m

Robert F. Kennedy speech on GDP (3m)

Lesson 13.
Group 1. Wednesday 7 December
Room 808
Group 2. Tuesday 13 December
Room 808

Fiscal Policy presentations
Group A

Income tax
Corporation tax
Fuel duty
Alcohol duty
Tobacco duty
Inheritance and Wealth tax

Tax Avoidance and Evasion

Group B

Income tax
Corporation tax
Fuel duty
Alcohol duty
Tobacco duty
Inheritance and Wealth tax
Lesson 14.
Group 1. Thursday 15 December
Room 511
Group 2. Wednesday 14 December
Room 808

The future of the EU
French Covid debt
Choose final subject

The German Miracle (or German Myth) pdf DR
Euro Structural Inflexibility (pdf DR)
French Covid-19-related debt
(pdf DR)
Ukraine war and history. Questions

Exam revision

Your political position?
Module evaluation
19 December. 13h30-15h30.

In Reserve

Final exam 2h (60%)

Ukraine War and History answers
Brexit update (humour)
Brexit timetable
Brexit pdf (Rees)
Brexit and the Irish border
Brexit fishing map
Scottish independence
Brexit and Airbus
Brexit and Airbus. Stats
Brexit and car sales
Brexit and UK - EU trade
UK non-EU trade
Post-Brexit trade
Pound sterling to US dollar
Pound sterling to Euro