Geopolitics of Europe in a Changing World. 2022

Presentation subjects

Presentation 1. Was the idea of a European Union a good one?
Presentation 2. The British accession to the EEC.
Presentation 3. Euratom.
Presentation 4. The future of the EU.
Presentation 5. Os an EU climate policy compatible with an EU energy policy?
Presentation 6. Energy - privatisation or nationalisation?
Presentation 7. Is the EU Green Deal realistic?
Presentation 8. Can renewable energy succeed?
Presentation 9. Can the EU be both sustainable and competitive?
Presentation 10. Is sustainability compatible with neoliberal competitivity?
Presentation 11. What is the EU doing to promote sustainability?
Presentation 12. Should the EU adopt sustainability import tarifs?
Presentation 13. What is the dividing line between national and EU law?
Presentation 14. What are the EU institutions protecting EU law?
Presentation 15. Is the European Court of Justice useful?
Presentation 16. Is EU law threatened by the rise of nationalism?
Presentation 17. Was EMU a good idea?
Presentation 18. Is the Euro a political or economic tool?
Presentation 19. Is the EMU Stability Pact a good idea?
Presentation 20. What is the European debt crisis?
Presentation 21. The historical origin of the CAP.
Presentation 22. Have the objectives of the CAP been achieved?
Presentation 23. Who benefits from the CAP?
Presentation 24. Third world damage due to EU export subsidies.
Presentation 25.  What is the rôle of the CSDP?
Presentation 26. Does the CSDP work?
Presentation 27. Can the CSDP exist without the UK?
Presentation 28. Should the EU review its strategic defence rôle?
Presentation 29. ESSCA opinionaire concerning ERASMUS.
Presentation 30. The Bologna Process.
Presentation 31. In France, is ERASMUS for the rich?
Presentation 32. What could ERASMUS be?
Presentation 33. Should transport be public or private?
Presentation 34. The privatisation of the UK railway network.
Presentation 35. Is intra-European competition for transport coherent?
Presentation 36. Can EU transport be environmentally-friendly?
Presentation 37. How does EU funding work?
Presentation 38. Does EU funding provide a shift of wealth from richer to poorer countries?
Presentation 39. What is the relation between EU funding and purchasing power parity?
Presentation 40. Should EU members contribute more to EU funding?
Presentation 41. Brexit and EU fishing.
Presentation 42. The Irish problem.
Presentation 43. The future of the UK post Brexit.
Presentation 44. Is Brexit the beginning of the end of the EU?